Today we’re gonna talk about the top 9 drinks you want to AVOID to keep your skin looking younger, and your body healthy. Of course, none of these is the fountain of youth, we all age, but there are some things we should avoid if we wanna keep our babyfaces. So, where do the drinks we mentioned at the beginning of the video fall on our list? Well, keep watching to find out. We’ll also reveal Mountain Dew’s dirty little secret so stick around until the end! Drinks you should AVOID

#1 Cola

Ok, we’re gonna start with the worst one. COLA. Yes, it’s true soda of any kind is bad for you. Why? Two words added sugar. One of the worst things you can consume is a simple form of sugar called fructose. Your body doesn’t process this liquid sugar and so you don’t feel full or satisfied when you drink it.

That means that you’re dumping a ton of empty calories into your body and upping your risk of gaining unwanted weight, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes. When it comes to your skin, sugar causes inflammation and can worsen already existing skin conditions like acne, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. What is your favorite thing to drink? Tell us quickly in the comments section below

#2 Cocktails

When the weekend hits, sometimes all you want is to let loose and have a fancy cocktail. But as we age, our bodies can’t deal with booze as easily as when we were younger. Liquor has some pretty bad side effects if you’re a heavy drinker, but even if you’re just partaking occasionally the junk food cravings and terrible sleeping patterns will catch up with you. Not to mention what it does to your skin! Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it dehydrates you.

More importantly, it sucks the moisture out of your skin and makes fine lines and wrinkles stand out. The more you keep drinking the faster your skin will look older and wrinkled. Next time skip the cocktail hour and have a small glass of red wine instead. In moderation, red wine is a better choice as it contains resveratrol, an antioxidant that is extremely beneficial when fighting the aging process.

#3 Sports drinks

You’d think that a drink that has the word “sport” in it should be healthy, but that’snot exactly the case. Sports drinks do contain electrolytes sodium and potassium, sure they’ve got that going for them, but they also contain a lot of sugar and calories. Drinking sports drinks will not give you that six-pack you’ve been longing for.

As we get older the metabolism slows down and that means we can’t process the sugar as easily. Cutting down on sugar, in general, is way better for your health, so the next time you’re headed to the gym, just pack some regular water. Your body and skin will be much healthier for it.

#4 Iced coffee

This is one of the more difficult things to cut out because, well…coffee is delicious, and ICED coffee is even tastier. Especially in the summertime, but alas, this one is bad for aging your skin. The problem with this drink is all the caffeine in it. A bit of caffeine can help you to be more alert and help kick start your metabolism, but too much caffeine can mess with your sleep.

If you’re not getting proper sleep at night your skin cells don’t have time to repair themselves, which will eventually lead to your skin looking older than it should. Not to mention if you start adding cream and sugar to the iced coffee then you have a recipe for accelerated aging.

#5 Skinny coffee drinks

Just because things have “green” or “skinny” or “low fat” doesn’t mean it’s always good news, and skinny coffee drinks are just another example. We don’t want to take all the good stuff away but drinks loaded with a bunch of artificial sweeteners tend to confuse the body. Yes, it’s a good thing to cut down on sugar, but not if you’re just replacing it with something else that’s sweet. The goal should be to lessen the sweet stuff altogether. If you’re relying on diet soda or “skinny” coffees, it might be time to switch it up.

If not your body could experience what’s called metabolic derangements, which are things like insulin resistance and spiked glucose levels. These can lead to more serious diseases like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Any type of disease will eventually affect the skin, so if you want to help keep it hydrated and youthful – ease up on the sweet stuff. If you’re going to miss this beverage then we recommend replacing this one with a coffee-flavored smoothie, or yummy tea like matcha or green tea. The way is healthier and just as fun and yummy.

#6 Coffee Creamer

You might wanna start taking your coffee black, coffee creamer has a notorious ingredient that might make you uneasy. Titanium Dioxide is a chemical whitener that’ sin stuff like salad dressings, chocolate, and your beloved coffee creamer. It’s also used in sunscreen, plastics, and paint. Feeling uncomfortable yet?

Well, hang on because it gets even more confusing. Titanium Dioxide has been deemed as a carcinogen for humans by the CDC. But, that’s only when you breathe it in, as opposed to eating it, which is much less of a concern to experts. So you can eat it but not breathe it in. Sounds safe…right? Well, the FDA says it’s safe to consume as long as it’s less than one percent of the product’s weight. Ok, so it’s safe…but then again WHO said 2010 it’s a possible carcinogen for humans.

Confused yet? So are we. At the end of the day, the doctors agree that if you’re eating too many foods that contain Titanium Dioxide it’s unhealthy, not just because of that particular chemical, but because of all the other additives, you’ll be ingesting along with major amounts of titanium dioxide. These types of additives can cause inflammation, which as we know can aggravate the skin and make it look much older, but isn’t good for us on the inside either.

#7 Beer

Say it ain’t so! Not beer too! Yes, beer is something that you should be skipping out on if you want glowing, youthful skin. As we mentioned back in cocktails alcohol is a diuretic, so it’ll dehydrate you. If you didn’t know already, hydration is one of the best ways to keep your skin looking young and healthy.

So aside from the dehydration beer can cause inflammation in the body, which is something you want to stay away from. But when it comes to the skin – inflammation can come in many forms like papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts which are all forms of inflammatory acne. Need more information on inflammation? Check out this video called “11 SurprisingFoods That Cause Inflammation” to learn more.

#8 Vitamin Water

Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing, vitamin water is something you should avoid if you want to have a healthy drink. Vitamin water is seen as a fortified and tastier way to stay hydrated and get some extra vitamins. But that’s not always the case, some Vitaminwater has just as much added sugar as a can of Coke. We talked about fructose earlier in the soda section, but it’s something that confuses your body and can up your risk of disease, can increase weight gain, and can cause some major skin issues.

Instead, try some water that has a few lemon wedges in it. Not only will you get an added boost of vitamin C, but it can also improve insulin resistance and all that extra hydration with vitamin C might help reduce wrinkles and overall aging of the skin. That’s like a triple whammy of health!

#9 Mountain Dew and Citrus Flavoured Sodas

Hey didn’t we already cover Cola? Aren’t they the same? Not! Turns out that, the wild, greenish color of MountainDew should be a warning sign! Citrus flavored sodas often contain BrominatedVegetable Oil, or BVO, as an emulsifier. The problem is that BVO is a flame retardant for plastics and who wants to ingest that?! Eventually what goes into your body is gonna affect your skin, so this one is just bad overall.

A spokesperson for the FDA has stated that VA was removed from the FDA’s list of safe substances back in 1970 but was put back on the list under limited use six months later following a petition submitted by the FlavourExtract Manufacturer’s Association. Now BVO cannot exceed 15 ppm in certain fruit-flavored beverages. PepsiCo, the company that makes Mountain Dew, has since pulled BVO from its ingredients list but that doesn’t mean the odd can might not still contain it.

Our advice when you want something citrusy? Go for the lemonade. Are any of these drinks your favorite? What is your go-to drink? Let us know in the comments section below, we’d love to hear from you!